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Quality Policy

read our quality policy

EPIC is committed to ensuring the highest possible quality for all work that we undertake. In particular, we regard usability as one of the core values of our organisation.

Every project is assigned a project leader, who is ultimately responsible for the work of the project, including that of sub contractors. Staff and contractors are selected for each project on the basis of how their skills meet the specific requirements of the project. The progress of projects is subjected to review by meetings, email exchange and phone calls.

In line with our agile methodology, we aim to involve business stakeholders throughout every phase of our projects, to ensure that technical work remains aligned with customer requirements. We use early prototyping to identify problems with user experience and similar quality issues as soon as possible and undertake periodic code walkthroughs to ensure consistently high code quality.

We run a battery of automated monitoring processes to measure performance across a range of metrics, sending daily summary emails to relevant staff. Where monitoring processes detect a system failure or a threshold value exceeded, they can send emails and SMS alerts immediately.

In addition to internal monitoring of quality standards, we periodically survey our customers for feedback on how we are performing, and proactively look for opportunities to improve quality.