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Be Safe, Be Seen – #RoadSafetyWeek 2020

Being seen is important for our safety. Many serious accidents happen because drivers simply do not see other road users until it is too late. These include collisions with other vehicles as well as pedestrians and roadside workers. Every year these accidents destroy too many lives.

All commercial and industrial vehicles are required to have the correct safety signs and chapter 8 compliant chevrons, to ensure that both workers and the general public are as safe as possible during operating times. During winter months with low light and poor weather conditions the visibility of the signage can be compromised.

EPIC offers a range of flashing safety signage providing increased visibility over premium grade Chapter 8 safety chevrons. It gives high levels of performance even in low light or poor weather conditions creating safer working environments for those working by the roadside. The increased visibility means that other road users can see the vehicles much sooner, giving them more time to slow down and respond to the upcoming hazard.

We offer different variations to accommodate different vehicle types and uses. They can be shaped to suit the vehicle and carry an IP69 weatherproof rating. There are colour variants and international standard patterns available. They make the perfect addition to complement existing hazard warning systems.

The specifics:

  • Provides increased visibility –  improved by more than 14 times
  • Signage retains high performance in low light and poor weather conditions
  • Suitable for all manufacturers and popular models, including vans, lorries, refuse and street cleaning vehicles
  • Signage works alongside existing safety signage and messaging
  • Symbols, wording and graphics can be included
  • Signage can be independently controlled
  • Controlled by switches in cab
  • Panels are shaped to vehicles to provide a smooth profile finish
  • Fully tested and certified, including operational lifespan

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