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Branding your fleet of vehicles is a great form of outdoor advertising and brand awareness. It’s a cost-effective tool that is constantly working wherever you are, working as a mobile billboard.

Road cleansing specialist, Scarab Sweepers, wanted a demonstration fleet that was instantly recognisable to enhance their positioning as a global leader in the manufacture of their vehicles. Scarab selected EPIC Media Group to provide the vinyl livery. As an experienced vehicle graphics company EPIC understands the importance of consistent branding, making the perfect partner for Scarab.

The scope of the work involves installing the iconic blue and yellow vinyl branding to the full range of vehicles from the MC210 to the Merlins and Magnums. Then when the vehicle has then been sold, EPIC removes the branding so the client can apply their own branding.

Gary Kelleher, Manager of Marketing and Product Development, from Scarab Sweepers said: “Creating a fleet of instantly recognisable vehicles is an important part of our marketing. EPIC Media Group has worked with us providing an excellent service, pricing and quality, and has gone above and beyond with last minute flexibility and support on a number of occasions.”

Kevin Murton, Managing Director of EPIC Media Group said: “Delivering an excellent service is what we’re all about. We understand the importance of consistent branding and we have worked closely with Scarab to support their business needs.”

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